Post Conference Activities

On Saturday 12 September 2015 an archaeological guided tour is planned along the historical "Via Appia Antica" towards Alban Hills, that is also type locality of valid minerals and mineral varieties. The trip ends with a social dinner based on the legendary "porchetta" (slow-roast piglet stuffed with herbs) and the famous Frascati white wine. Tour leader: Dr. Fabio Bellatreccia.


An unusual trip all along "Via Appia Antica" (Regina Viarum in Latin), among Archaeology, History and Rocks.

Via Appia Antica, the most important Roman road exhibits along its axis an impressive number of important monuments: the Appia's Gate, the church and catacombs of S. Sebastian, the Villas of Maxentius and Quintili as well as other various mausoleums including the famous Cecilia Metella; or historical cities such as Albano Laziale and Ariccia. The visit, displayed in English language, will have the goal to present the history and cults that arose in connection with the cemeterial vocation of this road as well as the nearby presence of the Almone, the most sacred river for the Roman religion; and to put in relief the major archaeological, architectural and urban structures, that rise on the via Appia.

Saturday, September 12

Conference field trip day (from dawn to sun set)

Start: Piazzale Aldo Moro (in front of CNR) at 8:30
  • Terme di Caracalla
  • Porta Appia
  • Basilica and Catacombe di S. Sebastiano (external visit)
  • Villa di Massenzio
  • Cecilia Metella tomb and S. Nicola a Capo di Bove ruined church
  • Casale di S. Maria Nova
  • Villa dei Quintili
  • Stop for lunch (lunch box included)
  • Ariccia (S. Maria di Galloro, Ponte di Ariccia, della Repubblica, S. Maria dell'Assunzione)
  • Social dinner (Grand buffet)
Return to Roma expected for 22:30

The field trip is open to conference ECMS 2015 participants and accompanying persons. Participation fee is 100 EUR per person and covers transportation by touristic bus, professional tourist guide service (in English), entrance tickets to archaeologic sites, lunch box, Palazzo Chigi entrance ticket, social dinner (wine and beverages included).

Registration deadline: August 7

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